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]|[ Ghost of Frost ]|[ Ghost of Frost

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very icy...and ghost-y...

I really got the vibe of a frosty ghost. It sounded eerie, and icy at the same time. I especially liked how the main melody just kind of starts in the background and builds up.
The bass line has a real "walking" feel to it, it doesn't rush the song along nor does it slow it down. It moves at a nice pace.
The shakers in the drums remind me of shivering XD

Wayyyy too long. You could have cut the song in half and it would've been just as well, especially when little to nothing was added.
I don't think the solo section really meshes well in the song, and I don't think it sounds well on its own. When creating dissonant melodies, it's a fine line between sounding cool and just sounding like a mess. And while I think the weird piano part in the rest of the song is fine, the solo doesn't do it for me.

Overall: Not something I would listen to everyday, but I liked the uniqueness of it and thought most of it sounded really neat. 7.5, but rounded up to 8 because of the haters XP

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